CleanBanking: Master of Strategy


1 March 2022 CLEANBANKING registrations closing soon.

First Module toward Homeownership/ Papakāinga/ Investment Basics pathways. It all starts with CleanBanking. A system of clear, simple banking practises.

You will also learn how to align your thinking to how the loan/finance/banking system works. Because it isn't about hard work and saving, it's about strategy.

About this photo


  • These are my eldest boys. I built them a home to be born in, in Melbourne while earning less than $100,000 (household) with $400 per week childcare bill and no deposit.


  • This pic is then on a 1.4 hectare block of whenua I bought for them while heading for separation, and on a single income. I bought it with no deposit as I bought it Mortgagee sale and then got the same bank to give me the loan to buy it lol (yes it was a big bank)


  • Then I bought us a commercial building + apartment...and got the Vendor (Seller) to give me the loan to buy it ...and no deposit


  • The beauty is that once we had something, the gains in value and then leveraging the gains became my income (to replace the non-existent one).

I will say I am a master at strategy to align a financial picture that creates equity to use as the deposit and to reassure lenders that they have plenty of security.

And that my friends is why my course is not free :)

None of the scenarios have I ever earned a lot or had any savings. I simply know how to present my behaviour in my bank accounts, so that banks consider me a bankable proposition.

CleanBanking - is like a financial bootcamp
and you can't do the fancy stuff without it.

Disclaimer: The scenarios I described about the properties I bought, are a level of mastery that is not covered in Cleanbanking as Module 1. But CleanBanking is 100% required in every transaction I have and ever will do. It starts here.

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