Home Ownership: Where do you start?

Home Ownership: Where do you start?

WhatuKāinga for HomeBuyers

A short E-Book where I have summarised the ESSENTIAL steps you need to follow to get in to Homeownership. Earning income, having Deposit are only two elements that make successful Home Owners (Home Loan applicants). The magic ingredient is your Financial Behaviour. The name WhatuKāinga - to weave you and your home together. Click on the link here to purchase this downloadable E-Book. Don't forget to watch the videos!

How to use this E-Book

    1. This is a brief and to the point E-Book. It is instructional, so follow the instructions.
    2. It is in the correct order that suits MOST family profiles.
    3. You can then scan the barcodes on each page that will take you to the Explainer Video.
    4. To scan the barcodes, you need to open the camera on your Mobile phone and hover the camera over the barcode. Here are some instructions, Click Here

Refund Policy - Digital Downloads & E-Books

There are no refunds on Digital Downloads such as E-Books and Videos. These may be simple in how they look, might even see a typo. But the content and knowledge in them took me 18 years to learn, master and continue to research. I share this koha with you. Your investment of $20 or so, could get you closer to your own whare...how much is that worth?

Your payment goes toward the costs I incur in sharing with you, such as paying for websites, my time to make the content and technology to put it on the internet.

My education from two universities (Aotearoa and Melbourne) cost me more than $90,000 NZD. I paid my own full fees to attend RMIT University in Melbourne (a top property university) at a cost of $2000 plus AUD per subject. Please do not purchase this matauranga and then expect a refund - there are no refunds for Digital Downloads.

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