WhatuKainga Podcast on Spotify!

WhatuKainga Podcast on Spotify!


Excited to let you know that I have WhatuKainga: Home-ownership podcast up on Spotify. You will find there nine episodes to date covering the topics in the E-Book: WhatuKainga. If you have purchased/downloaded the E-Book already, then you will notice that goes up to the latest topic: Credit Scores.

How this support course works, is that as I release a podcast, I will update the E-Book with another topic. You will receive an email with the latest version of the book. This way it keeps the information current and fresh.

1. For those of you who use Spotify, go to this link WhatuKainga on Spotify to connect the podcast series to your Spotify account on your phone. Click Follow.

Alternatively if you prefer to use an Apple podcast:

2. Download this app from the Itunes store, then add this here: https://feeds.simplecast.com/QS1m6ow3

3. Watch this video to see how to add this link here https://feeds.simplecast.com/QS1m6ow3 in to the Apple Podcast app to download the episodes. Now you can listen to the podcast on your iPhone too!




If you haven't got a copy of your E-book yet, here is a link (wānanga attendees will have a discount code so that it is free)
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